About us


ü Who Are We?

AM.I.C is a private independent third-party company, dedicated to Industrial control and inspection services. With our experience and knowledge about inspection service that is based on constant research, and using state of the art technology we guarantee you a high quality control and inspection service at all stages from the factory audit, through the manufacturing process, to delivery.

AM.I.C was established in 2012 and based in Tripoli, Libya. AM.I.C is committed to providing professional inspection and quality technology service to the client and strives to improve the market shares and lower inspection costs of the clients.

AM.I.C new born company with qualified staff and inspectors of at least twelve year experience in inspection, provide excellent services to enable them to deal with all kinds of tasks accurately and have a cadre of inspectors specialists global efficiency and extensive experience in all areas and always seek to develop our staff through the organization of advanced training courses.

AM.I.C obtained the accreditation from the Libyan National Centre for Standardization and Metrology.

AM.I.C also obtained the ISO certificate 9001_2008 / ISO 19011_2011 /

ISO 17020_2012

We are ready to serve all your requirements in every place In the world with high reliable and accuracy. And we apply the inspection services with highest standards and regarding ethics policy, quality, health and safety protection of the environment.

ü Our vision:

To be the most reliable partner of our national clients/importers and global small and medium-size importers for their business.

ü Our mission:

Focus on the interests of our national clients/importers and global small and medium-size importers who purchasing goods and dedicated to making their business in safer and easier. We offer the highest level of service at most competitive prices.

ü Our core values:

Cost effective services, save time and money for our customers Fully independent of any importer, exporter, supplier or manufacturer Profound experience and knowledge to the international markets & well Business concept of ours: Consider everything at the stand of Our Clients!

ü Our Company Facilities:

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We are keen on communicating with customers so that we equipped with the following facilities:

  • To cover our employees travelling, we are dealing with agency services to issue tickets for different transport locally and international such as Airline tickets, trains… etc. also for hotels reservations.
  • Our employees are obtained single and multiple entry visas to be ready to travel around the world at any time.
  • Our company is responsible for medical international insurance to cover health and accidents may cause during inspection duty.
  • Our company covers expenses for travelling and accommodation using hard currency account and transaction around the world.
  • Our company mobilized the head office with robust communication network to cover local & international communication.
  • In order to carry out the assigned inspection process, our company mobilized the necessary portable tools and instruments.

ü Our Company Activities:

  • Third party inspection (TPI)
  • Industrial process inspection:

- In-production inspection (IPI)

- During production inspection (DPI)

- Final random inspection (FRI)

- Pre-shipment inspection (PSI)

- Container loading supervision (CLS)

- Food and animal feeding inspection

- Medical inspection

- Industrial & general materials inspection

- Inspection of crude oil, white products, chemicals, and petrochemicals

  • Non-destructive testing
  • Control and qualification of welding procedures
  • Mechanical testing
  • Lifting and material handling equipment’s inspection
  • Chemical Analysis
  • Metallographic study
  • Corrosion Testing and material analysis
  • Cathodic protection inspection and testing
  • Inspection and quality control on pipelines
  • Machine and equipment inspection
  • Pressure and leak test
  • Training & Consultancy Services
  • Environmental Consultancy Services
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  • Aviation Services

ü Our Team:

To well bridge the gap between Libya and the world, Our Team is composed of European / Libyan consultants and local people with many years working experience in renowned international companies.

ü Our Code Of Ethics:

AM.I.C locate its role to be as an information collector, dedicated to minimizing the transaction risks for its clients and protecting their interests. Honest and impartial working manner is our non-negotiable rules through the whole code of ethics.

prednisone to buy online Prednisone natural alternative Our core values

AM.I.C employees should work in a professional, independent and impartial manner at all times.
AM.I.C employees should report the data, testing results, and other findings accurately and honestly no matter what the results are.
AM.I.C personnel are never to accept bribes, gifts or favours of any kind from any of company’s customers or suppliers.
Violation of this principle will result in immediate dismissal of the employee.
Any conflict or legal ambiguity arises between multiple national legislations, AM.I.C employees should report to AM.I.C management team for advice on how to proceed.

Confidentiality Buy Cheap requip Online Without Prescription

All information related to Our Clients or clients’ products is held confidential completely at all times except when its release is necessary to complete the work.
Any information provided by our website visitors or Our Clients will not be released outside or sold to any 3rd party.

Transparency and safety

AM.I.C is committed to inform Our Clients of major changes relative to their orders.
When the work is carried out, the international standards and the client’s instructions must be strictly complied with.

AM.I.C employees completely abide by national and local laws and regulations.

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