Our Services



  • Third party inspection (TPI)
  • Industrial process inspection:

-      In-production inspection (IPI)

-      During production inspection (DPI)

-      Final random inspection (FRI)

-      Pre-shipment inspection (PSI)

-      Container loading supervision (CLS)

  • Inspection and monitoring QC & QA for:

-      Food and animal feeding inspection

-      Medical inspection

-      Industrial & general materials inspection

-      Inspection of crude oil, white products, chemicals, and petrochemicals

  • Non-destructive testing
  • Control and qualification of welding procedures
  • Mechanical testing
  • Lifting and material handling equipment’s inspection
  • Chemical Analysis
  • Metallographic study
  • Corrosion Testing and material analysis
  • Cathodic protection inspection and testing
  • Inspection and quality control on pipelines
  • Machine and equipment inspection
  • Pressure and leak test
  • Training & Consultancy Services
  • Environmental Consultancy Services
  • Aviation Services



ü Third party inspection (TPI)

AM.I.C. is a private independent third-party inspection company. you can benefit from our experience as we inspect products on your behalf at all stages from the factory audit, through the manufacturing process, to delivery.
Inspection Services range including industrial, medical,  food and oil fields.

ü We are not trading agents, therefore we don’t charge any provisions from our customers, and we have no obligation to any supplier. We are fully independent of any importer, exporter, supplier or manufacturer.


ü What do we inspect? (our services):

ü Industrial / Material  inspection

ü Includes the kinds of raw materials, factories, products and desalination plants and power plants, all kinds of machinery and electrical equipment, electronic and communications systems, navigation and cargo ships and fishing bulldozers and non-destructive testing of the factories and building materials.

ü Machine and Equipment Inspection

ü The identification of all materials, parts and assemblies by appropriate codes and numbers to ensure their traceability. These procedures shall be defined by the Project for the identification of all the equipment.

ü The production, installation, and servicing of processes required for manufacturing and assembly which directly affect the quality of the finished equipment.

ü The verification of manufactured items is to ensure they fulfil the specified requirements, complete, identified, undamaged, and accompanied by appropriate documentation.

ü The verification, storage and maintenance of equipment supplied by the client organisation and provided for incorporation in the equipment to be delivered by the supplier.

ü The inspection and test of equipment during manufacturing and assembly.

ü The control, calibration and maintenance of inspection, measuring and test of equipment used to demonstrate the conformance of the manufactured and/or assembled equipment to the specified requirements.

ü The handling, storage, packaging and delivery of equipment.

ü The client organisation shall have the right to be present, or to be represented by an organisation of its choice, to witness any inspection and test carried out at the main supplier’ premises.

ü Mechanical Testing
Comprehensive range of mechanical testing with a dedicated machine shop to assist in sample preparation; capabilities include:

ü Tensile, compression & bending test.

ü Hydrostatic pressure test.

ü Hardness test & Wear resistance.

ü Fatigue test & Fracture toughness.

ü Chemical Analyses
State of the art Chemical Analysis laboratories are utilized to analyze ferrous and non ferrous metals, ceramic, glass, refractory, mineral, Ferro alloys in PPM level or in percentage.

ü Inspections and Quality Control on Pipelines
The radiographic inspection of pipelines is one of our main activities. We have a wide range of equipment for pipes inspection with different diameters and thicknesses.

ü Lifting and Handling Equipments Inspection
Companies and users of lifting equipment are required to have it thoroughly examined periodically by a qualified inspectors. Our company provide several inspections under LOLER standard at intervals as following:

ü Periodic inspection (6 monthly and 12 monthly),

ü Prior to being used for the first time,

ü After installation or re-installation,

ü After any repair or modification which may affect the safety of the equipment.

ü Inspection and quality control of pipe lines.

A wide range of equipment for pipes inspection is provided with different diameters and thicknesses.

ü Pressure and leak test

Using state of the art technology we provide critical final check to assure that newly packed single and multi-tier cases, trays and boxes are properly filled and sealed. Systems can be configured to handle most applications including pharmaceutical bundles, and cases containing shrink-wrapped bundles. They can identify:

-      Missing bottles or cans.

-      Broken bottles.

-      Empty or partially filled bottles or cans.


ü Oil field inspection

ü Includes the inspection of crude oil, gas, white products, chemicals and petrochemicals  and petroleum products and equipment used in the production, transfer and storage of oil and gas.

ü Our service is performed according to the international standards including but not limited to the following:

ü Vessel inspection before/during loading/discharging inspection.

ü Vessel sampling after loading/before discharging.

ü Bunker inspection after loading/before discharging.

ü Shipments of oil, gas and petrochemical to be inspected before/during/after shipping, including its derivatives (ethylene – polyethylene – ammonia – and methanol) and its conformity with the specifications of the contract in terms of quality and salts and the proportion of water and sediments.

ü Industry and refining gas and oil derivatives, before and after manufacturing.

Detection on the raw materials involved in the crude oil industry and the inspection of products, refineries and factories.

ü Equipment and laboratory equipment.

Detected on the devices and equipment used in laboratories and their conformity to specifications and accuracy of results.

ü Oil tankers and its derivatives.

The inspection of carriers and their suitability for transport and the quantitative and include (ships, cars) and their impact on safety and the environment.

ü Pipeline transportation of oil, gas and oil derivatives.

Inspection of pipelines during installation, operation and suitability for the work and compliance with the conditions and specifications contracted. Periodic testing, such as erosion and sedimentation and obstruction.

ü Oil and gas reservoirs and oil derivatives.

Include inspections during construction, operation, maintenance, and a measure of the sizes and corrosion tests.

ü Production equipment used in oil fields, Include the inspection of all equipment used in the production and separation of oil and gas wells and lifting equipment and industrial flow lines – separate stations and oil processing, gas and water – water injection stations and gas.

ü Drilling equipment, Include rigs and all equipment and services and the extent of its compliance with specifications and ability to perform the operations required under safety regulations.

ü Materials used in the drilling and the reform and revitalization of the wells.

Include inspection of the drilling mud, cement, water and chemical additives in drilling operations and stimulate wells and fluids used in reform.

ü Suitability of containers for shipment, This includes inspecting the containers used to transport equipment, chemical equipment, materials and samples used in the field of oil and gas and their conformity to specifications.

ü Communication devices, computers and alarms.

Inspection of the specifications and requirements and include contracted services (Computer – Radio – mobile phone – alarm and communications stations as well as for the fields and companies).

ü Electricity to power stations, This includes the inspection of all components of power plants and the extent of compliance with the specifications and conditions contracted (turbines – control systems – cooling systems – combustion products – efficiency).

ü Non Destructive Testing NDT

ü is performed by qualified engineers according to the requirement of international standards using the following techniques:

ü Industrial Radiography.

ü Welding Inspection.

ü Ultrasonic with Automatic Equipment.

ü Eddy Current.

ü Magnetic Particle and Liquid-Penetrant tests.

ü Endoscope Inspection.


ü Welding Inspection Control and Qualification of Welding Procedures

ü Welding inspection and quality control.

ü Issue welders qualification certificates (WQC).

ü Write up welding procedure specifications (WPS).

ü Set up welding procedure qualification record (PQR).

ü Testing is performed in accordance with the ASME/ANSI, along with other applicable standards.

ü Medical inspection

Includes medicine,  medical drugs, serums, vaccines, medical supplies and equipment, laboratories and its reagents and dental equipment, veterinary medicines and animal health supplies.

ü Food inspection

It includes Agricultural products ( rise, wheat, steel, barley, corn and other grains, wheat flour, olive oil, vegetable oil, sugar, tea … etc. )

ü Environmental Consultancy Services

A complete and independent solution for safety compliance for providing a comprehensive range of services backed by industry-leading expertise, our specialist consultant help business to adhere to health and safety regulation.

ü Training Consultancy Services

ü Aviation Services